AVG Just Shuts Down When License Expires

So, you buy a software product and the license expires. The product stops working. Fair enough. However, most firewall vendors do not stop the firewall just because the license expires, they allow for a grace period to allow the user to renew. However, AVG just shuts down the firewall. Zip, Nada, No more firewall!!! This is a very bad business model and is a quick way to lose clients and revenue. This was probably proposed by someone in Finance. I could not believe that AVG 2011 just shuts down and leaves the user with no firewall. Many users of AVG probably do not realize that they are running their hardware naked on the internet, without any firewall protection, when their license expires. I am surprised that someone has not launched a class action suit against AVG.

I had AVG 2011. The key word here is HAD. The license expired, and the software just shut off. Suddenly I was unprotected. I wonder how many users never notice that they no longer have security protection, and are wide open to attack. This is a ridiculous business practice. AVG just leaves the user out in the cold. They should leave the software running, or just turn off the non-free capabilities, and let it run. At least there would be some protection.

My solution: Install the AVAST Free version, for quick protection, then uninstall AVG, then buy AVAST Internet Security. AVAST costs less than AVG anyway. So long AVG. Once again, some corporate dweeb has destroyed a good business.

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